This page contains a list of social democratic organizations in North America (or their North American offices) along with text and video-based resources which include everything from books, papers and articles to recordings of lectures and conferences. This material is presented here for the purpose of educating oneself and others on the history and theory of social democracy, along with links to entities that are actively working to promote and support a social democratic approach to governance.

The Broadbent Institute (Canada)
Economic Policy Institute
The Freidrich Ebert Foundation (U.S. and Canada offices)
New Democratic Party (Canada)
The Sanders Institute
Social Democrats USA

Local organizations:
Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center
Progressive Massachusetts

The Social Democratic Moment: Ideas and Politics in the Making of Interwar Europe (1998) by Sheri Berman
The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century (2006) by Sheri Berman
The Theory of Social Democracy (2007) by Thomas Meyer
Ill Fares the Land (2010) by Tony Judt
Social Democratic America (2014) by Lane Kenworthy
The Great Forgetting: The Past, Present and Future of Social Democracy and the Welfare State (2015) by Jack Lawrence Luzkow

Assorted Publications:
Understanding Social Democracy (2003) by Sheri Berman
Basics on Social Democracy (2013) by Thomas Kastning
Social Democracy: Dead as the Dodo or the only option? (2013) by Ed Broadbent
A 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights: A Scorecard and a Proposal (2016) by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins
The Future of Work, Wages, and Labor: Findings & Policy Recommendations (2018) by Mark DeSaulnier, Mark Pocan, Donald Norcross and Debbie Dingell

Unheralded Battle: Capitalism, the Left, Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism (2009) by Sheri Berman
Bernie Sanders and the Rise of American Social Democracy (2018) by Ryan Cooper
Marxism’s Fatal Flaw (2018) by Sheri Berman

Social Democracy and the Creation of Modern Europe (2012) – Lecture at Claremont McKenna College by Sheri Berman
What is Social Democracy? (2012) – Produced by the Freidrich Ebert Foundation’s Academy for Social Democracy
Ed Broadbent on Income Inequality (2013) – Produced by the Broadbent Institute
The Historical Impact of Social Democracy (2014) – Panel discussion from SDUSA’s 2014 national convention, featuring Eldon Clingan and Sheri Berman
Why Social Democracy? (2016) – Panel discussion from the Social Democrats (Ireland) national conference.
The Current State of Social Democracy in America (2017) – Panel discussion from SDUSA’s 2017 national convention, featuring Eldon Clingan and Lane Kenworthy