The election of Donald Trump has brought our country to a time of great crisis. The three branches of the Federal government are in the hands of those who would repeal or radically transform the major social programs that have served the American people so well: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Despite his promises, Trump’s trickle-down economic policies will not bring jobs for all at a living wage. Human rights for all people are under savage attack. The Trump Republicans hope to turn the clock of history back to 1929, before the great reforms of the New Deal, and we must come together to defeat them.

However, the crisis is more profound than the result of a single election, even though that result is catastrophic. For decades, some in the Democratic Party have sought to expunge the legacy of FDR and turn the Party into a centrist, neoliberal tool of corporate interests. Goldman Sachs has had good friends in both parties. The Democratic Party was the historic champion of the working and middle classes of America, but as the Party failed them, many faithful supporters turned away in disgust. Progressives must reclaim our rightful legacy and make the Democratic Party America’s vehicle for a social democratic program. Social democratic standard bearers like Senator Bernie Sanders and the movement which he inspired give us confidence that this goal is attainable.

Massachusetts Social Democrats believes in the positive use of democratic government to build ladders to better lives for the many. Our vision is a society built on the values of Democracy, Social Justice and Equality. We are heirs to an historic American political tradition derived from many sources: the democratic socialist vision of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas, the political realism of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the social experimentalism of John Dewey and the fiery idealism of the prairie populists. The “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” is but the latest form of American social democracy. In the immediate years before us, we can accomplish several goals:

  • Full employment with living wages
  • Medicare for all, without regard to financial ability
  • Free education for all, from pre-K through post-secondary
  • Equality for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Taxation based on ability to pay
  • Defense of our environment
  • A strong, democratic labor movement

Join us and build a better tomorrow!