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When We Thought We Had It All (Part I)

I have been reading Monte L. Pearson’s recent book, The Roots of Defeat: the Clintons, Obama and the Decline of the Democrats, which I hope to review for these pages. Pearson, as the title suggests, writes about the capture of … Continue reading

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The “Red Tide”

If you have tried to put a Socialist Party congressional candidate on the ballot, as I have, the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic Party primary in New York’s 14th CD (Bronx, Queens) brings out at least warm nostalgic … Continue reading

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The Legislature goes home. What next for progressives?

When I was a member of the New York City Council in the early 1970s, the Council was responsible for setting fares and other working conditions for the taxicab industry. On one occasion we had before us a measure that … Continue reading

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